Part of prayer for Maundy Thursday Service at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Poole, Dorset
Lord Jesus, we humbly gather here in gratitude and wonder for that great and amazing gift that you gave to us, then and now and forever. We praise you that we can come to you with our thanks and fears, our concerns and our doubts; that you always hear; that you always respond in your way. We stand in awe of your never ending giving of all we need; all through our lives; and for the greatest gift of unconditional love. Be with us now during this Holy festival, that we may be drawn closer to you; that we may come to know you better. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord Jesus, we pray for our world and for all the people in it. That all may seek and find you; from the highest to the lowest – for we are all the same in your eyes. We pray for the weak and the sick; for the abused and the vulnerable – for each soul that suffers; that there might come a time of peace and love and joy for all. And we pray that you will guide and protect all who seek to make a difference in alleviating the suffering of mankind – all who take a stand against intolerance and cruelty – all who care in your name. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

And Lord, we bring to you those in our own communities who need our prayers and your tender love and healing at this time………………………………….

Dear Lord – be with us all in this Parish at this time as we do our best to serve you and all our community of the two churches. Be especially with our leaders and all those who work voluntarily in our services and other events. We thank you for all those who serve, no matter how much or how little they give for all is known to you – that you have mercy on us all. And we thank you for the growing congregation here, that together they may become a beacon and a haven to all who suffer, all who seek to find comfort and solace.
Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.


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